Posted by: coomercove | November 25, 2008

Legacy Five Media Player

Legacy Five has a great new item in their online store. They are selling a 2 GB Sansa Fuze media player, preloaded with the group’s ENTIRE music library (216 tracks from 18 projects, full listing here). Even with the L5 music, over 1 GB of the player’s memory remains free, plus the player has a micro-SD memory card slot for expanding memory. The player also includes a FM tuner and voice recorder. While I’ve never used the Fuze before, I have used the Sansa Clip and love it. I’d expect similar quality from this player.

The price is $169, but the player itself costs ~ $65. So, you would be paying about $100, a little more than $0.50 a track after you take out duplicates, for Legacy Five’s music. That is a much better deal than paying $15 for a ten track CD.

While this is a great item offered by Legacy Five, I like the idea of a record company offering a media player loaded with a variety of their artists. It could also include a promo/coupon code for a limited number of downloads from the company’s online music store (providing they have one). I think this is something that Mickey Gamble and Crossroads could easily pull off.

** The preceding commercial message has not been paid for by Legacy Five. **


  1. But has it been paid for by Crossroads? :o)

    (That’s my best DBM smiley.)

  2. Not yet….. please make checks payable to….

    just kidding.

    I have to say that this media player has given me the urge to find an MP3 player with expandable memory. With memory cards being so cheap now, I could have several cards with a group or two on each card. I could use the built in memory for a mix and use the card slot when I wanted a particular group.

  3. This is a great Idea, I am a huge L5 fan and Sing in a Southern Gospel group myself. We may look in to doing this instead of a CD.

  4. BTW if you get a minute check out our site

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