Posted by: coomercove | December 6, 2008

Gold City releases Heritage Collection Vol. 2 DVD

Heritage Collection v2 DVD

Gold City: Heritage Collection v2 DVD

I just noticed that Gold City added the Heritage Collection Volume 2 DVD set to their online store.. The package includes Best Of Both (1989), Pillars of Faith (1992), and 20th Anniversary Celebration (2000).

Best Of Both features the Free, Parker, Lefevre, and Riley lineup and songs from Portrait and Goin’ Home.

Pillars Of Faith features the Free, Parker, Lacey, and Riley lineup and songs from, well, Pillars Of Faith.

20th Anniversary Celebration features the Parrack, Wilburn, Trammell, and Riley lineup and songs from Within The Rock, Amazing Grace, and Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


  1. On the 20th Anniversary thing – Any idea if that includes both vols. 1 and 2 as found on the CDs / tapes?

  2. I don’t know, but have already sent an email to ask. I’ll let you know.

  3. I was fortunate to pick up their first set for $3 on ebay and it was still sealed. I’ve enjoyed it and can’t wait to see these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. […] the following three videos: Best Of Both, Pillars Of Faith, and 20th Anniversary. Check out his blog for more […]

  5. I have all those on vhs, but i still may get this to have them all togeher on DVD too.

  6. […] on Gold City’s Heritage Collection v2 DVD set A couple of weeks ago, I posted that Gold City had released their Heritage Collection Volume 2 DVD set. Daniel Mount asked if it […]

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