Posted by: coomercove | January 5, 2009

Legacy Five Concert Review

We saw Legacy Five at Higher Ground Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN last night. They did a pretty standard set list (see below) that included the group’s two normal opening songs, a couple songs off the newest project, a couple songs around the piano, and closed with a couple of ballads. Legacy Five sounded good, but to be honest, it was almost as if they were just going through the motions. They had no power and no pizzazz.

I have to say that changed on the last song. Tenor Frank Seamans brought the house down and received a standing ovation. The group started to leave the stage, but Pastor Phil Hoskins stood up and asked Frank to sing the last verse again. Tim Parton and Frank seemed as if they had to talk over how to get back into the song before they went into the chorus and then the verse to “Holy Is Thy Name”. After the encore, Frank testified about needing to believe more than ever in the healing found in the Name of Jesus after the phone call he received Friday telling him that the doctors suspect his son has lymphoma. Finishing, he asked Phil to go ahead and pray for him and his son then instead of after the service.

After anointing Frank with oil and praying, the service ended with a love offering for Legacy Five and a congregational (“Because He Lives”).

Set List:

  • Strike Up The Band
  • O Say But I’m Glad
  • Piano solo
  • God Will Go Before You
  • Take It To The Cross
  • The New Jerusalem Way
  • I Want to Be Just Like My Lord
  • Hello After Goodbye
  • There’s Something About That Name / Holy is Thy Name


  1. Were those all the songs they did?

  2. Short list, isn’t it?

    I did not take notes, but best that I can remember, that’s it. My wife looked over my set list and agreed with me.

    My parents also attended the concert. My mom, who usually doesn’t say much, told me that until the last song, “they were just pretty to listen to”. Coming from her, that says a lot.

  3. They had also sang that morning in the same church, so they may not have wanted to go over the same songs. Thanks for the review L5 is one of my favorite groups and I wish them very well. I will also be keeping Frank and his family in my prayers.

  4. If I got a phone call like that I’d be going through the motions, too.

  5. NS, Higher Ground typically has a group sing 3-5 songs in the morning service before Phil Hoskins preaches and then a full concert in the evening service. L5 knows a lot more than 15 songs so their set list could not have been limited by the morning service.

    Keith, I’m sure that played a big part in it, but Frank was more “into” the service than the others combined.

    I should have posted this in the initial review, but one explanation for the short set list is that L5 wanted to get back home ASAP so Frank could get with his family.

  6. Hmmm, would 3 or 4 more songs made THAT much difference in when they got home??
    Lets see, the call came Friday and this was Sunday. For those that don’t hear L-5 much, this (what sounds to be bland) concert will be the only impression they will make….

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