Posted by: coomercove | January 7, 2009

Overheard comments

Sunday night at the Legacy Five concert, my wife and I were waiting on the service to start. We could hear two women talking (loudly) in the section of pews to our left. I wish I was making up the following exchange:

Woman A: “Did you know Roger Bennett passed away a year or two ago?”

Woman B: “No. Does that mean he won’t be here tonight?”



  1. Oh, so sad…astonishing how often this kind of thing happens:
    Two years ago, 2 of my nieces were pregnant at the same time – their dues dates were about 3 months apart. After the first baby was born, I showed her picture to a coworker, who asked, “Now, is this the one that was just born?” No, no – this is a PREVIEW picture of the one due in 3 months!
    You know, you could’ve played with woman B & told her that Roger was coming in for a “special” appearance tonight & that’s why you were there. Think she would’ve waited for it through the whole concert & complained to someone when it didn’t happen?

  2. I just want to know if woman B was a blonde!!

    I’m amazed at how long it takes some people to find out all kinds of news within the Southern Gospel industry. I was at a Greater Vision/ Legacy Five concert last Friday and there were so many people that had no idea Jason Waldroup was no longer with Greater Vision.

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