Posted by: coomercove | January 9, 2009

Windows 7 Beta releases today

Microsoft is releasing the public beta of their next operating system, Windows 7,  sometime this afternoon.  According to the press release, it is limited to 2.5 million downloads.  The rumor is that the 32-bit download will be a 2.5 GB (3.2 GB for the 64-bit)  iso file that then has to be burnt to a DVD.  To use the beta, you must be running Windows Vista SP1.  You cannot upgrade on a machine running Windows XP.

I’ve been surfing around on Microsoft’s website this morning and the site seems to be having a few issues.  This is before the beta has even been released.  I’m a little worried about how the site will handle the traffic once the beta is made available.

Anyway, if anyone gets their hands on the beta and wants to share, keep me in mind.



  1. Hey man, I’ve got the ISO for W7 if you want me to put out for you. Email me and let me know.


  2. I’m installing W7 on a test box right now, so I’ll have more info about later.

  3. Hey Adam! Thanks, but I was able to download it over the weekend. Please let me know what you think. I’ve not had a chance to install it yet.

    I’ve heard that the Beta is better quality than the first full release of Vista.

  4. It’s the ultimate version of W7. It’s pretty sweet looking, but it looks and feels like Vista. I’ve not had any compatibility issues so far. It’ll have to grow on me like Vista did. XP is still my OS of choice.

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