Posted by: coomercove | January 14, 2009

The New Perfect Heart

Well, since I cannot find anything newsworthy in the world of southern gospel music to blog about today, I think I’ll post about what I found in my inbox this morning.

My dad received an email from the new Perfect Heart last night that he forwarded to me (well, I took remote control of his computer and forwarded it to myself, but anyway….). Attached to the e-mail was an mp3 of “Glory Road” off the group’s upcoming project, Sing It Again. Although this was not the final mix of the song, I am definitely intrigued by this new old group. The cut was pretty solid. They did not change the arrangement much, but it was enjoyable. One thing they do a bit different is on the tag. Bass singer Mike Presnell gets to hit a couple of notes along with lead singer Jimmy Dunn on the build up to the ending.

I was already hoping to attend Perfect Heart’s singing at Greenwood Baptist Church Sunday night, but after hearing this song, I am definitely planning on going.

BTW, the group has updated their website. The media player on the home page now plays “In The Sweet Forever” and the music page has an mp3 of “Midnight Cry”. The group also has pre-releases of their Sing It Again project available.

Speaking of Perfect Heart, one little known fact that probably only interests me is that before the group disbanded (and the name sold to another group), my dad sang tenor  with them for their last several appearances.


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