Posted by: coomercove | January 23, 2009

Photo Proof that Tenors are Freaks

On the Singing News forums, mandolin_player posted the link to their gallery of pictures taken on New Year’s Eve at the concert with Greater Vision and Legacy Five in Morristown, TN.

I went through several of the pictures, but stopped on one in particular.  The picture is just more proof that tenors in southern gospel music are freaks.  I mean, look at this crazy-eyed, three-armed freak.

Crazy-eyed, three-armed tenor

Crazy-eyed, three-armed tenor

Just kidding!  I can’t wait to hear Greater Vision with Jacob.


  1. haha!! this is great. and jacob is great, even though he seems to be channeling his inner freakazoid here. =D i really enjoyed GV when i saw them w/ him in november.

  2. […] Interesting post of the week: Brandon Coomer’s Proof that Tenors are Freaks. […]

  3. Haha. You caught the REAL Jacob Kitson. I’ve seen this face many, many times… now the rest of you can share in my glee – or the horror?

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