Posted by: coomercove | January 28, 2009

Jeff Snyder turns Greene

Last week, it was announced that Mike and Kelly Bowling were auditioning tenor singers. No mention was made of their original tenor, Jeff Snyder.

Now we know the other half of the story…

Jeff is joining the Greenes, taking the place of Paul Lancaster, who, surprisingly enough, is not mentioned in the press release. The press release also mentions that the group “will be going into the studio immediately to record a long overdue CD”.  Btw, The Greenes’ website is also offline currently while it is being redesigned.

When Paul joined the Greenes, I defended him as not being another David Hill, a singer who jumps from group to group to group.  Now, I may have to reconsider.  Paul didn’t last a full year with the Greenes.

Brings to mind a joke Roger Bennett told a lot about Elizabeth Taylor and husbands, “Don’t worry, I won’t keep you long.”  The question is, would a group tell Paul that or would he tell the group?



  1. Re: Paul Lancaster…maybe he was as surprised that he was being replaced as those who read about it. Perhaps the move was out of his control, as in being told…”See ya”.

  2. Hey I’m not really sure who this is that writes this but I just wanted to comment about Paul Lancaster. He is one of te finest men in gospel music not only because of his talent but because of his integrity. There is not a better person to work with nor a greater singer to stand beside and sing. I have over thirty years of music ministry that has included Paul at different lengthy times none of which did we part because of trouble just God leading in another direction. A group hopper he is not. A group helper he most certainly is. He brings up the game of any group he has stepped in to help out. If it were not so groups would stop asking him to fill in. Anyway I just wanted to take a moment and say God bless my friend and the wonderful ministry he is to so many. Bless you Paul,
    Buddy Mullins

  3. I would like to follow up on Buddy’s sentiments regarding Paul Lancaster. I have known Paul for 15+ years and can attest to not only his singing ability, but more importantly his character and integrity. I find it humorous that people are so quick to judge or come to their own conclusions when they have no knowledge or understanding of the situation. It’s quite easy to point the finger and raise question marks when you’re observing from the nosebleed section. Stay true, Paul. Only Heaven will reveal the number of lives you’ve impacted over the years. God bless,
    Danny Whisner

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