Posted by: coomercove | January 31, 2009

Mark Trammell Trio Concert Review

We attended Stateline Baptist Church Friday night for a concert with the Mark Trammell Trio.  The crowd wasn’t huge, but probably could have been worse with the forecast calling for snow.  Dustin Sweatman and Eric Phillips talked to us a few minutes before the service started about the crowd.  Dustin said we were the only saved people there because we sat up front while practically everyone else was in the back half of the church.  He told us about an older woman who accused the group of moving into a church because they had carried in two speakers and their rack.  He seemed amused by the way people react to sound equipment.  Kind of funny after our chat with Dustin, but I have to admit that it was loud up close to the speakers.  Of course, you expect that on the third row.

As for the concert, this was my first time hearing the group since they started staging songs from their Always Have A Song project and I can’t express how much the fresh material added to my enjoyment of the concert.  I had been less than thrilled with the group the last couple of times I’d seen them because of the staleness of their set list.  It seemed they had been singing the same songs in the same order for two years.   That is no longer the case.  They did the majority of cuts off the new project with a few older songs thrown in.  The full set list is below with selected comments.

  • I Know That I Know
  • I Still Believe
  • The Love Of God

Mark said he threw this song in after hearing the Gaither Vocal Band sing it the night before.  Apparently, they stopped on the way to Tennesee to catch the old Vocal Band’s debut.

  • If God Said It, I Believe It
  • At The Whisper Of His Name
  • Called In, Called Up, Called Out

This song is one of my favorites from the new CD. Mark didn’t try to hit the high note on the end of his verse… he kept it down. It makes me wonder if he only did that in the studio or if he just does when his voice feels strong.

  • Intros
  • Roll On Jordan
  • Coming Out And Moving It
  • Loving The Lamb

These three songs were probably the best part of the concert. “Roll On Jordan” was a bouncy instrumental. Dustin looked like he was having the time of his life while he played. “Coming Out and Moving It” was as good live as it was on the CD. “Loving The Lamb” was much better live than on the CD. I don’t think it is better than “Once Upon a Cross”, but it is close. After Mark’s verse, Lisa leaned over to me and said, “Now I know why Mark is your favorite singer.”  The song received a standing ovation before the group took a break for an offering.

  • Thank God I’m Free
  • What Good Would A Crown Be

This is my favorite of the new songs. Dustin does a phenomenal job on it.

  • Hallelujah I’m Going Home (encore)
  • Glory Road

Now, this was funny. They did their usual “they liked it, I liked it” routine and the crowd ate it up. That is until Eric stopped and said, “I liked it that time.  One more time.” I guess the crowd was tired of it because they just stared at them the final time. Eric looked at Mark and said, “They didn’t like it that time!”

  • If Only Just A Few
  • Does Jesus Care

As I said earlier, the group’s program had gotten very old over the last couple of years, but the new stuff spices it up greatly. I would go see the group again tomorrow, even if I knew I’d hear the same program again. Without a doubt, they are still one of my favorite groups.


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