Posted by: coomercove | February 10, 2009

CD Review: Cross 4 Crowns – Turning Point

Cross4Crowns – Turning Point

Turning Point

Turning Point

  1. I Will Trade The Old Cross For A Crown ***** – The project opens up with one the best renditions of this classic I’ve ever heard. The track does a great job of giving a glimpse of what the project’s instrumentation will be – southern gospel with a tinge of bluegrass. Only thing I don’t like is at the end of the second verse, the singer throws in, “that’s right”. Kind of knocks me out of the song momentarily each time I hear it.
  2. Things That I’m Seeing **** – A harmonica jumps out at you as this track opens. The verses are done in harmony while the chorus breaks off with a convention feel.
  3. Greater Miracle *** – This is the project’s first slower number. Very nice, if not spectacular.
  4. I’m Going There ***** – Here’s another convention-style song, only it is faster and much better than the first. All four vocalists are spotlighted for at least a line or two and each of them shines.
  5. He’ll Never Forsake **** – They slow things back down with a song that says no matter where we may find ourselves in life, God will never leave us. The vocal delivery, the music track, and message combine for an absolutely beautiful song.
  6. I’ll See You Home *** – Tenor Dallas Rogers is featured on this medium tempo number. Not bad, but nothing to get excited about.
  7. Tell Me Who **** – Bass singer Justin Terry is featured on this medium tempo song. This song sounds like something the Kingdom Heirs would do.
  8. Whenever, Wherever, Whatever **** – This is another medium tempo song. Again, this is nothing fancy, but the song has grown on me enough to warrant four stars.
  9. Take A Look **** – This is yet another medium tempo song that features Justin. This track has the heaviest bluegrass influence found on the project, but still not heavy enough to bother me too much, and I hate bluegrass.
  10. Celebrating Resurrection Morning **** – This is another song with a pretty standard quartet arrangement. Lyrically, the verses are much stronger than the chorus, which keeps me from giving the song five stars. Dallas takes the lead on the final two chorus and on some of the notes, he sounds A LOT like Archie Watkins… hmmmm.
  11. Hallelujah For the Cross ***** – Talk about saving the best for last. Without question, this ballad is my favorite song on the project. I love the final chorus when the bass singer takes the lead for a few lines.

This Cross4Crowns lineup was very short-lived, but what a project they put together. This is an awesome CD. If you like quartets, you have to purchase this CD. If you enjoy bluegrass gospel, you’ll like this project even more. A lot of the songs on this project have at least a touch of bluegrass thrown in. As I said in the review, I do not like bluegrass, but I like the musical variety it adds here.

I gave it a total of 45 stars for an average of 4.1 per track. Overall, I’d call this an easy 4.5 star project. I like this project more each time I listen to it. I believe the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the abundance of medium tempo songs in a row on the second half of the project.  If those songs were broken up with a faster song to pump the energy back up to that found on the first several songs, I think this would be five star project.  As it is, I highly recommend heading to Crossroad Music’s online store and downloading this project.



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