Posted by: coomercove | February 16, 2009

Josh Feemster joins N’Harmony

No doubt, you’ve heard that N’Harmony is making some changes to their lineup. Chris Whitaker is out, group owner Shane Dunlap is moving from lead to baritone, and Josh Feemster is coming in as the new lead singer.

First, I have to give my compliments to Shane Dunlap for being a team player (and smart owner) and taking the step down to baritone. Shane is a very under-rated singer, but Josh is one of the best. Shane is very good in the lead spot, but when you can add Josh to your group, you do it.  Without hearing this group live or with this new lineup, I’m confident in saying that they are now one of my very favorite groups in the business.

When I reviewed N’Harmony’s latest project, I mentioned that I look at the group as the successor to Mercy’s Mark. I made the connection due to Shane’s ties to Garry Jones, Brent Mitchell singing tenor for both groups, and the song selection. With Josh joining, the connection is made even stronger. I wonder if the group would be interested in Garry Jones producing their next recording.

Of course, the trend of not mentioning the outgoing singer in the press release is continued as former baritone Chris Whitaker is not mentioned. I’m just throwing out a possibility, but what are the chances he pops up with Mike and Kelly Bowling? I don’t believe they’ve announced their new member.  Their former “tenor” was also the baritone for another male group before joining.


  1. I am not suprised by this, I had actually wished it would be this way when the group reformed. I honestly believe Jones will be popping up with N’Harmony in some way soon.

  2. […] no insider tips or information, I predicted the latest personnel change in SGM.  Chris Whitaker, former baritone with N’Harmony, has […]

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