Posted by: coomercove | February 19, 2009

CD Review: Beene Familiy – Hope Of Home

The Beene Famliy – Hope Of Home

Hope From Home

Hope Of Home

The Beene Family’s newest project, Hope Of Home, starts off with the upbeat “Faith Talkin.” The song gets the project off to an energetic start and features lead vocalist Brandon Beene.

When Mercy Met Grace” is a medium tempo number featuring baritone Shandon Beene.  Musically, the song just never gets to where you want it to go.  The closest it comes is the tag, which is a line from “Wonderful Grace Of Jesus.”

Up next is one of the project’s highlights, the medium paced “Sooner”.  Chrysta Beene shines on this track, sounding reminiscent of a young TaRanda Greene.  This song would be right at home on an album recorded by the Greenes.

The previous track is a great lead in to an updated cut of the classic “Jesus Is Coming Soon”.  The track kicks off with a funky, unrecognizable intro before transitioning into a more traditional sound.  Considering the intro, I kept waiting for the song to kick back up into the funky sound, but it stays with the classic sound through the end.

My pick of the project is next and features Brandon, sounding a lot like Greg Cook.  “He Believes In Me” is a beautiful and encouraging song.  The song tells that God will not lead us into a trial without knowing how He’s going to bring us through.  What puzzles me is the song title.  The song just doesn’t say a lot to me that leads me to believe the main point is that God “believes in me.”  Still, the song is my favorite on the project.

Prince of  Peace” is a ballad featuring Chrysta.  The arrangement, especially on the first half, reminds me of the Kingsmen’s 90’s hit, “You’re Not Alone”.

A good choice for radio play would be the catchy, country sounding “That’s Who I’m Giving My Heart”.  The chorus plays a bit with the expected phrasing on certain words and keeps my attention through the song.

Water In The Well” is another song dealing with the familiar woman at the well story and features Shandon.

Throughout their career, the Beene Family has reached back and re-cut some of southern gospel’s classic songs and this project is no different.  In addition to “Jesus Is Coming Soon”, the project includes “(We’ll Soon Be Done With) Troubles And Trials”.  It is a bit different without a bass singer, but is very enjoyable.  It also opens up the possibility of borrowing a bass singer on dates with multiple artists, which always seems to be a crowd pleaser.

The project closes with “Across The River”, a slower number that gives a verse to all three vocalist.  The song begins with only a guitar but builds to a big, orchestrated finish.

  1. Faith Talkin’ – ****
  2. When Mercy Met Grace – ***
  3. Sooner – ****
  4. Jesus Is Coming Soon – ****
  5. He Believes In Me – *****
  6. Prince Of Peace – ***
  7. That’s Who I’m Giving My Heart – ****
  8. Water In The Well – ***
  9. Troubles And Trials – ****
  10. Across The River – ***

37 stars/ 3.7 avg

Overall:  4 stars



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