Posted by: coomercove | February 23, 2009

Trammell Resigns from Perrys

The Perrys have announced that Nick Trammell has resigned and that their sound engineer, Troy Peach, will be filling in until a new baritone is hired.

You can’t say this is unexpected.  Speculation began as soon as Nick and Jessica Brown (of the Browns) announced their engagement about what effect it would have on their ministries.  I read somewhere that Jessica had stopped traveling with the Browns (from Iowa) and had moved to Alabama after the wedding.  I think it is only a matter of time before Nick and Jessica form a ministry of their own.

My best wishes and prayers go out for both the Trammells and the Perrys in this time of change.


  1. I dont think the Perrys will suffer…. As they will keep on trucking. The Browns have a different style so they will keep on trucking as well… I miss the soprano sound with the Perrys. They have a more blend in sound now they are not so “reconizable” with their current sound. Currently to me they sound like any typical quartet. I think Nick would be an asset to his Dads group. But I for one know how hard it is to go out four or five days a week and the family is at home. Which is why most go to form their own ministries. Nick and Jessica could have set the marriage as the Perrys contract ran out, so its not that he left becuase of the marriage he got married because the contract was up and he decided not to renew. Id like to see Nick with the Browns I think that would be pretty good sound.

  2. contract?

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