Posted by: coomercove | April 28, 2009

Steve Ladd resigns

Sad, sad day.   Steve Ladd has resigned from Gold City to become a worship leader at a church near Gadsden, AL.  (I guess the first yankee to join Gold City has become a permanent transplant to the south.)  Former tenor Jay Parrack was my favorite Gold City tenor, but Steve will always be very special to Lisa and I.  The way he treated us went above and beyond anyone else I’ve ever encountered in southern gospel music.  

Steve’s progression (along with Gold City’s) during his time with the group leaves some HUGE shoes to fill.  Several names have been thrown out as potential replacements:

I’ll throw out one more… Brent Mitchell.


  1. WOW didn’t see that coming. I pray that there is a tenor in the wings that will take Gold City to the clouds! There was a singer, I think his name was Dean. Filled in for GC before Steve came in. He was great and sang like great! I hope they can find him.

    What was his Name?

    • Dan Keeton filled in for a weekend between Jay (who missed the weekend due to the death of Keri’s father) and Steve. Dan had auditioned for the position but did not get it. He was still gracious enough to step in for Jay. Dan currently sings with his wife in the Dan Keeton Quartet.

  2. […] one of my favorite tenors for several years.  Last April when it was announced that Steve Ladd was resigning, I threw Brent’s name out as a possible replacement (Chris Cooper was eventually named the […]

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