Posted by: coomercove | May 25, 2009

Concert Review – The Perrys

Lisa and I drove to Knoxville, TN yesterday to catch the Perrys at Glen Oak Baptist Church.  It was an awesome and powerful night.  People shouted and came to the altar throughout the service.  

The moment of the night had to be the new song, “Did I Mention,” that features Libbi.  They sung this song for almost 15 minutes, with people making their way to the altar throughout.  After finishing the song the first time, they did the chorus four times acapella, once without new baritone Troy Peach, who was crying too much to sing.  Tracy then spoke a moment before they did the chorus three more times.  

While the Spirit felt during “Did I Mention” made the song the evening’s highlight, Joseph Habedank’s new song (co-written with Greater Vision’s Rodney Griffin) about the resurrection, “If You Knew Him”, was my favorite of the five new songs the group performed.  

I also liked that they ended the night with three old songs they performed with no tracks, just Bryan Elliot on the keyboard.

I have to mention that this lineup with may be the best the Perrys have ever sounded.  Libbi and Tracy are as good as ever, but Joseph Habedank has improved beyond my wildest expectations.  When he first took over the lead, I thought he tried to sound way too much like Loren Harris, which made his voice sound dark and heavy.  That had improved the last time I’d seen the Perrys (probably over a year ago), but he was even better tonight.  

While I’d have liked to have seen how former baritone Nick Trammell would have grown and developed with the Perrys, Troy Peach has stepped up and the group has not missed a beat.  Troy’s voice is not as heavy as Nick’s and blends very well with Joesph’s now lighter tone.  Troy’s stage presence is also a nice touch.  You can tell he believes and enjoys what he sings.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting several videos of the concert to You Tube over the next couple of weeks.  I videoed most of the service, including the five new songs.  As requested by the group,  I’ll be holding off posting the new songs until the official release date of the new CD on June 9, 2009.

First Set Track List

  • Gentle Shepherd
  • I Love To Tell of the His Love* (convention style song)
  • Still Blessed 
  • Damascus Road
  • He Will Hide Me Again
  • Did I Mention* (Libbi featured, encored chorus 7 X!!!!)
  • Introductions
  • If You Knew Him* (Joseph featured)

 Break with the church quartet singing two songs

Second Set Track List

  • This Old Sinner Testifies* (Tracy featured on 2nd verse)
  • The Potter Knows the Clay
  • Old Fashioned Altar* (Troy featured on verse)
  • I Remember The Day (encore)
  • Royal Descendent (2nd verse twice)
  • Child Of The King

* song from new Almost Morning project


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