Posted by: coomercove | June 16, 2009

Chris Cooper to join Gold City July 1

Chris Cooper, formerly of N’Harmony, Won By One and Safe Harbor (and was the leader for the Legacy Five job before Frank Seamans decided to stay UPDATE: Aaron Swain mentions that Chris filled in for L5 after Tony Jarman had left), is Steve Ladd’s replacement with Gold City.  Press release at SoGospelNews here.  More thoughts to come after this awful storm passes by.  Til then, I’ll be listening to Chris’ two N’Harmony projects.

UPDATE:  Head over to Swain’s Musings here to watch a couple of videos of Chris Cooper’s latest group, the Melodyaires, including one of them singing Gold City’s “That Little Baby”.


  1. congrats to chris i use to hear him back when he and chris whitaker were with a local group the heartmen qt!! he will fit in great with gc!!!!

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