Posted by: coomercove | July 1, 2009

News Catch Up

I’m really trying to get back into blogging more consistently, but work has tied me up for the the last week. I’ve not had a day off in over a week while we’ve done a complete network upgrade. My part in that is finished (I hope) so I should be back a regular schedule.

  • As I posted to twitter this morning, Lisa and I are getting ready to leave for Nashville, TN to see Chris Cooper’s debut with Gold City.  Please pray for our safety (and low gas prices) as we travel.
  • I also mentioned this on twitter last week, but Brian Free has announced that Randy Crawford is returning to Assurance as their new baritone singer. Randy was the group’s lead singer before Brian disbanded the group several years ago and has also been a member of the Kingsmen/Carolina Boys and the Toney Brothers.. The line up of Brian, Bill Shivers, and Randy should have no worries about things ever being keyed to high for them. It will interesting to see what the group and their arrangers can come up with to take advantage of the group’s range.
  • Several people have mentioned the upcoming release of Jubliee! that features the combination of Legacy Five, the Booth Brothers, and Greater Vision. It should definitely be a fun project to see the groups perform classic songs they don’t normally sing and see what “scrap iron” quartets they put together. The project will be released on August 28.
  • Legacy Five has two other projects coming out this summer. Their Live at Oak Tree CD/DVD project will be released July 21, 2009. The project will feature songs from the group’s Decade CD. They will also be releasing a “mainline” CD of new material produced by Lari Goss in a few months titled Just Stand. If you are a fan of Legacy Five’s music, the next few months should be a good time for you.

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