Posted by: coomercove | July 2, 2009

Chris Cooper’s Gold City Debut

I’m really close to falling asleep, so this will be short.  And it will be in a bulleted list format because it will be faster for me.

  • Chris is good.  I was impressed.  He was better tonight than Steve Ladd was after being with the group for several months.
  • I still hope Chris improves as much as Steve did while with Gold City.
  • I really wish Chris had been mixed louder.  Bruce’s vocal dominated the mix.
  • Chris was very active on stage.  He wasn’t distracting or goofy, but you could tell he enjoyed being on stage.
  • He was featured on “For the Sake Of My Heart” and absolutely nailed the song.
  • He was also featured on “In Time, On Time, Every Time” and “Preach The Word”.
  • He’s still learning some of the songs.  I think you can tell he’s worked more on some songs than others, and the songs he’s worked on more sound much better due to him having more confidence on them.
  • As for questions about his range, he can pop a high note when he needs to.  It surprised me.  Still, the question will be can he do it night in and night out.
  • Danny was noticeably sick.  I could tell on the opening song that his voice was not in great shape.  Luckily, he sounded better singing than talking.  Come to find out, he has bronchitis.  BTW, when Danny’s sick, he’s still one of the best singers in SGM.
  • You know, Danny may be the group’s best vocalist, but Bruce Taliaferro isn’t that far behind him.  He’s awesome.


  1. Thanks for the quick review, I have said it in the past Chris is going to be a great fit for Gold City… He was one of the first I thought about whenever I heard they needed a Tenor!!! Did you get any video??? I would love to hear him on “In Time On Time Everytime” that is my favorite Gold City “Tenor” song of all time!!!

  2. Thanks for the quick review! I’m really surprised that they sang Preach the Word with Chris being brand new! Can’t wait to hear the new lineup.

  3. I agree, Danny has a fabulous voice and I was crazy about Bruce from the very first time I heard him. I really hope Chris works out great with Gold City. I wish GC the very best.

  4. Great review! Did you happen to get any video footage?

  5. Ditto to Aaron’s question!

  6. I knew I was going to get this question….

    I made a deal. With it being Chris’ first night plus Danny being very sick, GC knew they weren’t going to be at their best. I got to video the entire concert, but I was asked not to post it.

    To be honest, I wanted to make the case if I don’t post any footage, people will think Chris was bad (which is COMPLETELY NOT true), but out of respect for Gold City, I agreed that I wouldn’t post the video.

    (You know, this making deals with artists in order to video them is costing me hits. I had the first video of the Perrys singing “Did I Mention” with the church going wild, but was asked not to post it until the CD came out. Now this….. I guess it is the price of trying to be a respectable and honest blogger.)

  7. Diana, they weren’t going to do “Preach The Word”. They ended “Midnight Cry” and Danny was thanking everyone for coming. Someone came up with a note that must have been a request for “Preach The Word”. Chris did very well on the song. I hate to compare everything to Steve Ladd, but oh well…

    I’ve heard Steve do it better than Chris’s rendition from last night, but I’ve also heard Steve do it worse.

  8. Completely understandable, Brandon. Although, that does put us all in suspense for our next GC concert (which, for me, won’t happen till NQC!)

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