Posted by: coomercove | July 4, 2009

My dad on Chris Cooper

I posted this to my Twitter, but wanted post it so everyone sees it.

I played the video of the Wednesday Gold City concert for my dad.  He sings tenor himself and is very hard on tenors.  There aren’t many tenors that my dad likes, but after listening to most of the concert, he said, “Chris will be better with Gold City than Steve.”

Wow!  That is really saying something coming from my dad.


  1. Why does he think that? I’d love to know what his rationale is!

  2. I’ve never heard Steve Ladd live, but I value Harold’s opinion a whole lot on this one. What little of radio that I pay attention too, Steve really sounded great with Gold City, but I actually heard a live cut on tv from one of the conventions, and was suprised at how hard he was singing. Straight from the throat, which made me hurt for him. He is a tremendous talent! I don’t know Chris Cooper, but like I said, “I’ll take Harold’s word for it”. I was one of the last people that came out of the old school. I love to hear the raw talent that many of the tenors had back then. I loved to hear Phil Barker, David Walker. These were untrained voices that never went flat, and every night that I would listen to them, they could sing very pretty, and when the time came, split my head with the high notes. They were natural. It was an honor to work with these guys. My all time favorite without a doubt is Harold Coomer. I love his voice, and the spirit of GOD just runs out of him, and that’s when the chills begin. I wasn’t mean at all this time with my comments.

    • Thanks Joe. That’s very kind of you to say.
      On the complimenting of Chris as his debut outing with Gold City, I thought the blend was great. You know the butterflies were going on and he still stood with great confidence. That’s admirable.
      As for saying he will be better with Gold City than Steve Ladd, that is not taking anything away from a great tenor voice such as Steve, I personally think the blend is a little better……………….. I liked what I heard and feel like I could hear what the blend will be like as Chris seasons with them.
      I hope I don’t eat my words.

      • Hey old man!! Good to see you are still alive. Still singing? Who with?

  3. Thanks, Harold. I knew you weren’t cutting down Steve. Just wanted to know specifically why you said what you did. Bruce was an instant hit with me, and I hope Chris is, too. And, you probably WON’T have to eat your words! I wish Chris the best with Gold City. I love the guys at GC.

  4. Harold, you are welcome! I’ve eat my words before, and even eat crow. I’ve had to shove crow down backwards before, and it’s hard to do. I don’t think you’re going to eat your words at all Harold. You’re right on. Donna, don’t take any of this wrong at all.To be able to stand night after night, and sing 2 hours each time is truly a hard thing to do. It takes special people with that extra touch from GOD to do this, and last without destroying your vocal cords. GOD never called me to sing. Ask Harold. He’ll tell you that’s a fact with his hand up. (Quote from Wendy Bagwell) I’m kinda of glad Steve did slow down because He needs to preserve his voice, and not end up like Danny Funderburk, and other great tenors that their voices just flat give out. Steve was no where close to being give out, and could still sing with the best of them. I just get scared for people when I hear them sing, and I know that they are pushing themselves. Even just a little pushing on your voice can lead to you pushing yourself right out of business.

  5. One more thing. I was listening to the local radio station on my way home, and heard GC, and one I believe the Anchormen when Steve was with them. Very impressive!

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