Posted by: coomercove | July 31, 2009

Farewell, Josh Simpson

Crawling out of the woodwork to wish a fond farewell to Gold City’s Josh Simpson.  This is his last weekend with the group before he leaves to start school at Alabama.  I would give him a loud “ROLL TIDE!”, but I live in Tennessee.  I can’t bring myself to do that, even for a departing member of Gold City.

Best wishes, Josh!  Transfer to Auburn!


  1. Josh will be missed, I got to meet him a few months back and he seemed like a great guy. I love the TIDE!!!!! I hope one day he comes back to SGM again!!!

  2. I’ve seen Josh on a couple of occasions. He is the sweetest guy! Most importantly he has a heart for God!!! Not to mention that he has been blessed with an amazing talent. I truly and with all my heart wish him the very,very best in all that he does. God Bless you Josh! You have been an inspiration to so many of us!!!!!!

  3. i went to see mercy”s mark this past weekend and they were fantastic. wow what a sound they had with jay parrack on the tenoe end . oif they had this lineup of singers going on right now they could could be one of the best groups in gospel music right away joe and brother craid lead and bass and jay p on tenor and gary on baritone or hire one and he play just piano with a bass player and drummer all the groups move over they are that good, there lead singer sang i bow on my knees and cry holy another young michael english the bass singer had a great tome like tim riley and of course on the best tenors ever jay parrack they did glory and broght the crowd to there feet with a great encore and ended with i”m to near close to my home a great happy goodman hit .
    all i could say was wow what a group sure did make my night also appearing was the phifers, and the annointed perry”s what a exciting night it was in Benton,Ky. watermelon festival a crowd of about 1000 was in attendance for a 1 night campmeetin.

  4. Well, I’ll give him a big roll tide….Around the bowl, and down the hole, Roll Tide roll! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!! p.s. Josh, you will still be welcome back to Southern Gospel Music even after going to bama…with head coach Nick Satan…or is that Sabin??

  5. Josh,
    My husband and I was on the first cruise you went on with Gold City. You were in your first week with them. This was singing at sea Oct.31 thru Nov 4th 2005.
    We have enjoyed your time with them and will surely miss you.

    Bob and Melba,

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