Posted by: coomercove | August 3, 2009

Mercy’s Mark w/ Jay Parrack

Garry Jones got Mercy’s Mark together for the first time in about two years this weekend.  I heard before hand that the lineup was going to include Craig West singing lead, Garry on baritone, and Chris West singing bass, but no word on the tenor.  After the fact, I’ve heard that Jay Parrack was filling in on the tenor part this weekend.

Did anyone catch Mercy’s Mark in action and capture any video?

How about video with Gold City and Tim Riley from New Hope Church?

UPDATE: Diana of has provided video highlights of Mercy’s Mark Garry Jones & Friends.  She has embedded the video in the third comment of this post.  The video includes clips of “I’ve Passed Over”, “Born To Praise the Lord”, “Then I Met The Master”, “I’m Free”, “Glory Road”, and “I Bowed On My Knees”.


  1. It really didn’t turn out to be a kick-off of a new MMQ line up, but a really fun get together of friends at a church that Garry has especially strong ties to. It was a very informal affair but it was great to hear Jay, Craig, Garry and Chris sing together. And nobody should start any rumors about Jay — he’s very happy where he is and just did this for fun because he’s a pal of Garry Jones!!! (He sounded GREAT!!!) I’ll try to at least put some snippets up on youtube in the next day or two. They had some trouble with their sound system, and I had some problems with lighting, but I’ll try to give you a little peak at some of the fun we had.

    • What is Jay doing. he is great singer

      • Jay is the Minister of Music at a church in Anniston, AL. The church also happens to be Mark Trammell’s home church.

  2. I can’t wait! Thanks, Diana!

  3. As promised, here’s the link to a video:

    • Thanks Diana! I’ve read that it didn’t go as smoothly as everyone had hoped, but from the video it looks like it was a great time. I loved it! And Jay’s still got it! He’s awesome!

  4. This video of jay was great, but who is the lead singer i’ve not heard of him!!! He was great too!!

  5. The lead is Craig West, brother of the bass singer, Chris. I don’t know what groups, if any, Craig has been a member of.

  6. Has anybody heard anything about Gold City’s 30th Ann..
    CDC and CD.This coming 2010.They need to bring everybody back and sing some songs.

  7. DVD and CD.

  8. Jay Is the best tenor I’ve heard.Jay in the MAN!!!

  9. Jay is a great tenor but I lke ro hear Johnny sing better

  10. They should all get back together and sing some time bring back that old sound that in my opinion cants be touched now how ever this band is still awesome..

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