Posted by: coomercove | August 11, 2009

Old Songs: Rowland, Dumplin Valley, & the Perrys

I think most people know that Gerald Wolfe was a member of the Dumplin Valley Boys before he joined the Cathedrals.  I only have one of their projects, their last with Gerald, entitled A Greater Vision.  That project included two songs that Gerald recorded on his first project with the Cathedrals, “Land Of Living” and “Have You Visited Heaven Lately”.

I mention that because I just ran across something interesting on Ebay.  I found four LPs from the Dumplin Valley Boys:

What is interesting to me is a couple of the albums’ names and one of the song titles that should be familiar to fans of the Perrys.  The Perrys have recorded Kyla Rowland-penned songs named “Damascus Road”, “His Name Was John”, and “They Sang A Hymn” over the last several years.  Since Kyla’s brother, Ron Martin, was a member of the Dumplin Valley Boys, I feel safe in assuming that the three Perrys’ songs are the same songs that the DVB recorded 20 years before.  It shocks me that a writer of Rowland’s caliber would have such great songs laying dormant for 20 years.   I would have thought that groups would have “discovered” those songs sooner than that.  It makes me wonder what other songs she and other writers have laying around unrecorded or only recorded by regional groups.


  1. The Hoppers recorded “His Name Was John” on their 1987 album, “Smoke of the Battle.” Theirs and the Perrys arrangements are strikingly similar.

    • Thanks for the info, Andrew. I’ve never followed the Hoppers very closely, so I was unaware of their recording.

  2. I’m with you on that one Brandon. I know from traveling with Biney English, back in the old Anchormen days, He had loads of songs that he would pitch to us all the time. Several he would would sing to me while I would be driving the bus. They were incredible, but we only had so much money to go into the studio with back then. I wish he would resurface with some good quartet material. I’m saying all of this because Biney has the same writing style as Kyla, Rodney, and Savannah Foust. Dumplin Valley was Great!!

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