Posted by: coomercove | August 24, 2009

Around the SGM World

Here are a few things worth mentioning:

  • Please keep Tony and TaRanda Greene and their family in your prayers.  Tomorrow is the kidney transplant.
  • SoGospelNews has an interview posted with Danny Riley concerning the future of Gold City.  Be warned… parts are paraphrases of what Danny said while others are actual quotes from Danny minus the quotation marks.   It kind of distracted me.
  • With all the attention Gold City is getting for their personnel changes, please don’t forget their bus driver, Ed Martin.  He had back surgery and is at home recuperating.  He left a comment here and other places on the web thanking everyone for their prayers.
  • Over on You Tube, user BnCSGMusic has been posting several old Cathedral videos.  Two of them really caught my attention:
  • Somebody Touched Me” includes a great encore from Danny Funderburk
  • “I’ll Have A New Life / Everybody Will Be Happy” is funny.  Watch George almost fall off the stage!  Classic interaction between George and Glen while they sing.

BTW, BnCSGMusic is asking anyone that has home video of the Cathedrals in concert to contact them.  He (or she) wants to put your video on you tube.  And just in case it works for them, if you have home videos of Gold City, please contact me.  I’d love to put a copy of your video in my collection!  🙂  Just kidding…. mostly!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that Mark Blackwood of the Blackwood Gospel Quartet has posted on Facebook that he will be releasing some previously unreleased and remastered material of the Blackwood Brothers featuring Pat Hoffmaster, Jimmy Blackwood, Cecil Blackwood, and Ken Turner.  You can email for more info.

UPDATE part 2: I emailed the above link for more info, but the email “bounced” back.  I’ll update again if I find out the correct email address.


  1. Have you heard any updates on Tony Greene? I never pictured hm ever being sick until I saw your post on him. He was always the life of the party when I traveled with them.

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