Posted by: coomercove | August 24, 2009

Perrys’ Unveil New Website

The Perrys have unveiled their brand new website designed by Allens Design Group.  I have to say that the new design may be the best southern gospel website that I’ve seen.  Go check it out!

The new website also helps reinforce what a lot people have noticed the last few months – the Perrys are at the forefront of southern gospel artists use of new media.  The members of the group all interact with fans via individual and group Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts.  They publicize you tube videos and online concert broadcast in which they participate.

Lead singer/song writer Joseph Habedank is especially interesting to follow.  He often post pictures and amusing videos to his Twitter, most of the time starring piano player Bryan Elliott.  He also seems very appreciative of those that follow him.

I don’t understand why more groups don’t embrace these new points of contact with fans.  I appreciate the Perrys reaching out to fans in all these methods.  It sure beats the old days of finding out your favorite artist was on a television show (for example, TBN’s Praise The Lord)  a few days ago, but they didn’t get the word out ahead of time.

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