Posted by: coomercove | August 29, 2009

Sonlite Records Goes Down East

I’m sorry…. I just couldn’t resist that title.

On Friday, Crossroads announced the signing of the Down East Boys to Sonlite Records.  You can read the entire press release here.

"One Day" - 10/20/09

"One Day" - releases 10/20/09

The signing is kind of a “going home” for the group as their first national recording contract was signed 20 years ago with Sonlite. The group’s next project is entitled One Day and will be released to retail October 20.

I’m glad to see the group signing with a major label.  I have their last four or five projects have been impressed with all of them.  A few years ago they recorded “Shouting On the Hills” on their Mercy project and I thought that concert favorite might have been the big song they needed to get the recognition they deserve.  Hopefully, their upcoming project will include the “monster hit” every group is looking for.  They are a very underrated quartet with a relatively stable lineup.  Ricky Carden, Jason Runnels, and Stuart Cary (lead/owner, tenor, and bass respectively) have been together for several years and baritone Daryl Paschal has been with the group for a couple of years.

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