Posted by: coomercove | September 12, 2009

Gold City Videos Spotlight Chris Gooper

I don’t want to embed any more videos, but I do want to specifically point to a couple more videos of Gold City’s concert at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO.

DavyAir, who has posted almost two dozen videos from SDC, recorded “In My Robe Of White“.  I think Chris Cooper does a good job on it and even throws in a couple of high notes I wasn’t expecting.  This video also includes several seconds of the band playing before the encore.

Matt Paasch, aka SGNut on You Tube, has uploaded “When He Calls, I’ll Fly Away” and the encore.  Yes, Chris hits the high notes on the end.

I think these two videos show that Chris Cooper is definitely capable of pulling off the high notes that Gold City is known for.

I also want to mention a few other things concerning Gold City:

  • I know I don’t have to point it out, but Tim Riley’s still got it.  Danny should hire him.  If not Tim, I think Chris West would be a good pick.
  • Congratulations to Danny and Holly Riley.  Holly is pregnant with their second child.
  • The group’s bus driver, Ed Martin, has been cleared by his doctor to resume work.  Ed’s been off the road recovering from back surgery.
  • Chris Cooper has been the subject of a lot of discussion about whether or not he could pull off the tenor spot for the group.  As I said above, I think the newest videos on You Tube show that he fits in just fine with Gold City.  However, Chris did something else besides sing at Silver Dollar City that has been mentioned online, but hasn’t generated nearly as much discussion as his voice.  Danny Riley posted on facebook that Chris led a man to the Lord at the product table following a concert.  Now, good singing is great, but even at an amusement park, “Ain’t That What It’s All About”?

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