Posted by: coomercove | November 14, 2009

Never Finished Gold City Projects

I recently bought several Singing News back issues off Ebay (I can’t afford the prices the Singing News is charging).  One of the issues is the March 1994 magazine with Gold City on the cover.  The issue is notable for being first cover Singing News cover of Gold City with Mark Trammell and Jay Parrack.  While reading the cover story and Gold City’s own page/ad in the issue, I found mentions of two projects that I don’t believe were ever finished or released.

The first is mentioned in Gold City’s page 3 monthly ad.  Tim Riley’s write up says that the group is almost finished with a new “Blue Light Special” package.  Remember the 3 for $10 packages Gold City sold during the late 80s and early 90s?  Gold City would go in and record other groups’ hit songs or another type of themed project (favorite hymns, 70s favorites, SG standards, etc.) .  I love those projects.  I paid a fortune for them on ebay, but I love them.  So, needless to say, I would have loved for GC to have a package like that during the early years with Jay and Mark.  Sadly, the tapes were never released that I know of.

The cover story itself mentioned that the group was planning a video taping of songs off the soon to be released Renewed project.  The interview also mentions a new KingsGold recording.  A video featuring the songs from  Renewed was never released, however a few songs off the project was on the Today video, which featured songs from Standing In The Gap.

My best guess as to what happened to these projects is that they were canceled following the departure of lead singer Steve Lacey.  Still, being a huge fan of Gold City, I can’t help but think about what might have been with these projects.  I’m guessing that the video taping may have been at the Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach, SC as the same night that KingsGold 3 was filmed.   The Kingsmen recorded a video that night as well.  If that is the case, it could have been the set up as the 1995 video taping in Augusta, GA (when Gold City recorded Today, Kingsmen recorded Georgia Live, and KingsGold 4 was recorded).  If that is actually the case, that raises the question as to whether the video was filmed, but not released.  Does anyone know?

As for the “3 for $10” package, I can’t help but wonder if it might have been a three volume set of Classics, the project that featured the new vocalists singing the group’s hit songs with the original studio tracks.  That makes my mind race.  I loved Classics, and would have loved to have gotten between 25 and 30 songs instead of the ten on the CD.  What other songs would they have been planning?  Of course, the package may have been a combination of Classics and the Lord Do It Again CD, Gold City’s third released project of 1994.

Wow… Gold City was really busy in 1994.  They had two new singers to start the year, released a CD, recorded KingsGold 3, got a new lead singer (David Hill), and then released two more CDs.  It is no wonder they didn’t have time to finish everything they had planned that year.

BTW, anyone know if Gold City ever plans to finish Classics Volume 2?  The tracks are supposedly finished, but were recorded with three other singers in mind than the current lineup.  Honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever see that project, which is sad, because I really want to hear a new cut of  “How Deep Is The Water?”.


  1. How long was Steve Lacey actually on lead? I know that after Brian and Ivan left, they released “Renewed” and “KingsGold 3,” then he was gone and David Hill was in.

    I was discussing with a friend of mine about whether or not a “Renewed” video was ever shot. I know when they shot “Pillars of Faith,” they also recorded “KingsGold 2,” so it makes sense that they would combine the shootings again for the third one.

    What was the reason for Lacey leaving, anyway? He didn’t last long on lead at all….

  2. I’m not sure how long Steve was on the lead part. Does anyone know when KingsGold 3 was recorded? It would have been the same night as the Kingsmen recorded “Live At The Alabama Theater”, if anyone has that video.

    Steve left GC to sing lead for the Kingdom Heirs. I think he replaced Clayton Inman and was replaced by Arthur Rice.

  3. If Gold City would release some of stuff that never made it to the product table like the Renewed video.They probably make some good money off it and at the same time satisfy some of us old Gold City fans.

  4. Thomas, I agree but I don’t think that will happen as of now. I would imagine they would focus solely on the current line-up. If anything, we will see a Classics 2 or the tribute to Doug Riley. Personally, I would even be satisfied if the group recorded an old song or two and put them on their next couple New Haven releases. (I would really love to see Windows Of Heaven get recut.)

    I had said this elsewhere…I think a hot item would be a double disc of First Class. I’m pretty sure most, if not all the tracks originally had Jay on vocals. It wasn’t my favorite project but it would be worth the buy.

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