Posted by: coomercove | December 15, 2009

Gold City seeking/to announce new tenor

Rumblings started late Sunday night, continued yesterday, and now Kyle Boreing has posted that Chris Cooper is no longer with Gold City.  Although no official announcement has been made yet, I can confirm that this is not a rumor and that Gold City will have a new tenor when they return to the road after their Christmas break.  As Kyle mentioned in his post, the new tenor may be announced this week.  I’ve heard that the group will be looking for a high, consistent tenor.

I’ve also heard that Gold City will have a guest piano player with them in January while they search for a new one.  Current piano player/bus driver Jim Korn will reportedly be going back to only his bus driving duties.

And although I can’t say for sure, I’d look for Tim Riley to be staying with the group in the bass position for the foreseeable future.


  1. His style is bit different for GC but I say Brent Mitchell wouldn’t be a bad choice at all. I would love to see Garry Jones and Gold City team up again…even for one project.

  2. Steve, get out of my head. I’ve been saying that for a long time. Brent was my first thought when Steve left the group. I think Gold City should hire Garry Jones as their music director/arranger. I’d love for him to play piano, but I don’t think Garry will travel again, especially since he’s based out of Ohio now.

  3. I am friends with Brent and he seems to be very happy in his current situation with N’Harmony. I think he is partner with Shane Dunlap, so it would be hard for him to leave.

    • Yes, Brent seems very happy with things. I always think of him because I am a HUGE fan and would love to hear him with my favorite group.

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  5. […] off some rumblings, it is being reported over at Musicscribe by Kyle Boreing and at Brandon Coomers blog, that Chris Cooper is no longer with Gold City. And  a new tenor will be announced at the first of […]

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