Posted by: coomercove | December 22, 2009

Gold City Welcomes Josh Cobb and Roy Webb

As I type this, I’m expecting the official announcement of Josh Cobb as Gold City’s new tenor to be made at any moment.  In addition, Roy Webb has joined the group as pianist and Tim Riley is officially the “new” bass.

You can read the full press release here on the Singing News site.

Josh, 18 years old at the time, was the original tenor for Legacy Five.  His most notable song was “I Stand Redeemed” on the group’s debut label recording, which, if memory serves, was the group’s initial radio release.  Josh won the Horizon Individual award at the Singing News at the 2000 National Quartet Convention.  At the end of that year’s convention, Josh suddenly left the group (to be replaced by Tony Jarman).  (Side note:  Some comments that appeared on Josh Cobb’s myspace page several years ago received a lot of attention in the past.  I’ve been told that some of those comments were the result of a friend’s hacking Josh’s account and attempting to be funny.  In any case, a young man can grow a lot in maturity and in the Lord over an almost ten year period.)

Roy Webb is maintaining his solo status but will be behind the piano for Gold City when his solo bookings do not conflict with Gold City’s schedule.

The least surprising bit of news is that Tim Riley “has committed to a return to the full-time world of Southern Gospel music”.

Best wishes to Josh, Roy, and Gold City for a long, successful ministry together.

Here is a video of Josh singing a duet for an Easter service this year.


  1. I heard that Josh Cobb was doing rock music recently. Must have been a rumor when his account was hacked.

    Genius at work.

  2. It doesn’t matter what kind of music Josh Cobb is singing – every time he opens his mouth he makes a beautiful contribution to the world. Thanks Josh – for sharing your ANNOINTING!

  3. Josh will be a perfect fit, seeing his feelings toward Gospel music. Time will tell the whole story.

  4. Though I originally suspected Brent Mitchell to be a possibility – Josh was right behind him in my mind. I really wasn’t sure if it would be pulled off or not. This is great for Gold City. Josh could sing the phonebook and I’d listen. His vocals are very distinct and that’s what they need.

    Roy Webb is an awesome addition as well.

  5. […] site about his Legacy Five years had drawn some controversy; Brandon Coomer has an interesting comment, that apparently Cobb’s account had been hacked by a friend who was trying to be […]

  6. “hacked”…how perfect

  7. I am excited about the return of Josh Cobb and the addition of him to Gold City, In a personal email he wrote that he had been treated badly by Legacy Five and did not feel like he was truly a part of the group, and that was the reason for his departure, so the afore mentioned comments on his website in some part might have been told to his friend who posted them…..I can’t wait to hear this extraordinary talent sing with Gold City.

  8. Wasn’t his original intent for leaving L5 was because he didn’t like singing as one of 5 voices instead of 4??

    • I don’t recall hearing that before. Anyone else remember that?

  9. […] by Phil on December 24, 2009 As has been very widely reported and broken by Brandon Coomer over at Coomer Cove, Gold City have announced a new tenor and part-time piano player. The […]

  10. “Not part of the group”, “Treated Badly by L5”, “he didn’t like singing as one of 5 voices instead of 4??”

    These are all legit reasons to call Glen and George “Old Farts” and “Sick or Dead”. And the perfect reasons to call Roger and Scott, “Asses and Elboes”.

    And the “hacked” excuse, is evermore childish still. If indeed a friend did it, politely ask your “friend” to remove it.

  11. I for one have to tell you, Josh Cobb would be a added magnificent voice to any group. He has blessed me and I am sure thousands of others with his amazing talent. Thank You Josh,,,,,,

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