Posted by: coomercove | January 5, 2010

Greenes Retire the Gospel Singing Jubilee

According to this release on the Singing News website, Tony Greene is retiring the Greenes’ Gospel Singing Jubilee after holding the August event for 27 years.

I attended the event several years have many standout memories of the concerts through the years.  I remember the crowd raising umbrellas in beat instead of clapping while the Greenes performed during a hard rainstorm.  One year, Poet Voices blew me away with their vocal line up of the just returning Dale Brock, Phil Cross, Donnie Henderson, and Tim Duncan.  The first time I heard Brian Free sing “Glory Road” was at the Jubilee.  I cannot forget Gold City taking the stage and seeing Danny Riley (then sound engineer) running to the sound board, slipping in the mud, and hitting the ground hard.  He almost slid under my seat!  Like I said, I have many great (or at least unforgettable) memories at the Gospel Singing Jubilee.

Over the last several years, the event has moved a couple of times.  One year (at least), it was held at the Holmes Center on the campus of  Appalachian State University.  In 2008 and 2009, the event was held at Rally Park in Marion, NC.  The press release mentions new facilities being built in Boone, NC, the original home of the event.  Hopefully once these facilities are open, Tony will consider reviving the event in the city where it began.

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