Posted by: coomercove | January 22, 2010

LeFevres’ Priority

Priority, formerly the LeFevre Quartet, has now changed their name back to the LeFevre Quartet.  The group had changed their name to Priority due to the LeFevre family wanting to the retire the name following the passing of Eva Mae LeFevre last year.  So, what changed?

Maurice LeFevre, speaking on behalf of the family, said, “Our initial reservations concerned quality; however, after hearing the group we could not be more in tune.”

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that.  If  “quality” was the issue, lawyers wouldn’t have been involved last year when the situation initially transpired.  The family could have simply listened to a CD or went to a concert.  Listening to one song would have put to bed any concerns about the group’s quality.

Anyway, I’m glad the family has reconsidered and gave Mike their blessing to use his own name for his quartet.  The whole thing makes me  wonder if I would have to get permission from all the Coomers in the world if I wanted to start The Brandon Coomer Group.


  1. What I said elsewhere is that that doesn’t make sense since to me the quality was stronger before. They are rebuilding now. I suppose they might not have ever heard them, or did way back, but it still seems odd.

  2. Yes…. very odd. Sounds like they are lying about the reason. His quartet has had a VERY good sound for years. Fishy….

  3. sounds like the typical SGM situation mentioned many months ago “I’m leaving to spend time with my family”……”until I get another job with someone else”…..SGM and Nascar=cousins who make up the rules as they go….

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