Posted by: coomercove | April 5, 2010

Concert Review: Good Friday Singing with Gold City & Kingsmen

(If you have not read my open letter from this weekend, please click here to do so.)

If you saw my Twitter updates, you know I attended the Good Friday singing at the Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, TN.  I enjoyed the concert, but felt that people  talked way too much and featured too little singing.  The concert was also serving as a retirement celebration for promoter Terry Maguire (not sure of spelling) which lead to the unusually high amount of talking.

The singing portion of the concert opened with a short reunion of a group named the Hymnsmen, who were at one time signed to Eldridge Fox’s development label, Summit Records.  It is worth noting that their set featured a live band.  The only song they performed that I recognized was “Glory Road”.  I felt it was a bit odd, or maybe bold, of them to open with one of the Kingsmen’s hits.

The Kingsmen were the first of the headliners to sing and I really enjoyed them.  It was my first time seeing them in several years.  They began their set with the same song that opened their classic recording Chattanooga Live, “Traveling Home”.   I was impressed with Bryan Hutson’s emcee work, especially his Jim Hamill-like introduction (“Look straight ahead”, “Smile!”, and “Look at the people!”) of keyboardist Cody McVey.  The highlights of their set were Harold Reed’s performance of “God Saw A Cross” and Phillip Hughes’ feature, “God Knows”.  Both songs are off the group’s latest Crossroads release, Missing People.

The Mckameys were next to take the stage.  I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of their style.  That being said, they were not that bad.  I would not attend a concert just to see them, but I did not hang out at the product tables as I had originally planned.

Gold City was the final group to sing and were well worth the wait.  It was my first time seeing them with Josh Cobb and Roy Webb, and I was blown away by how awesome this lineup sounds together.  As expected, the numerous you tube videos I’ve watched does no justice what so ever to the current group.  I agree with the Old Paths’ tenor Jeremy Peace who posted on Facebook that this lineup sounds like “the old Gold City on steroids”.  Tim Riley sounded as good ever, and the interplay between him, Danny, and Roy during “Rainbow of Love” was great.  It provides some humor that the group has missed on stage since the Jay Parrack and Jonathan Wilburn days.  The only thing that could have made Gold City’s set more enjoyable would be some new material.

I did not stay for the second round because I had a three hour drive home and had to work the next morning.  I believe the plan for the second sets were for the Mckameys to do a few songs before the Kingsmen and Gold City took the stage together for KingsGold.

Set list for Kingsmen:

  • Traveling Home
  • I’m So Glad
  • The Word
  • When It’s All Said And Down
  • Introductions
  • Getcha’ To The Other Side
  • Piano Solo – Great Medley
  • Someday
  • God Knows
  • God Saw A Cross
  • Stand Up

Gold City Set List

  • I Cast My Bread Upon The Water
  • When I Get Carried Away
  • He’ll Do It Every Time
  • I’m Saved, I’m Sure, I’m Ready
  • What Children Believe
  • After Awhile
  • Rainbow Of Love
  • Piano Solo – Have A Little Talk With Jesus
  • Look Who Just Checked In
  • Satisfied
  • I’m Not Giving Up
  • Under Control
  • I’m Rich


  1. Thanks for the review, Brandon! I was sorry to miss seeing Gold City. I, too, am very interested to hear some new music from this group, but we probably won’t have to wait too much longer!

  2. I guess Jeremy Peace agrees with me then…. 😉

    I posted a comment on SouthernGospelBlog and averyfineline the FIRST time I heard the new Gold City together(youtube video back early January), and said that this group sounded like the original!

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