Posted by: coomercove | April 7, 2010

Songs For The Heart 01

As I mentioned the other day, I am going to be posting about songs that are really speaking to me at the moment.  From the concert I attended on Good Friday, two songs really struck me.

One was Gold City’s “What Children Believe”.  It is a country song (yeah, with what I’m going through, who would have guessed a country song would appeal to me? Should I try playing it backwards?) originally recorded several years ago by Shenandoah.  The song, as the title says, is about simple things children believe:

Love lasts forever; mom and daddies stay together; cheaters never win; and a promise is something you keep.  Its bad to lie; it’s okay to cry; dreams never die.  Faith is all you need. Ain’t it crazy what children believe.

The song may be about children, but hearing the song Friday made me realize how much of the same stuff I believe.   At the moment, I can’t help but question whether or not I was too naive or sentimental to believe those things.  As I type this, I’m asking myself if I still believe it.  Of course, part of it I still believe (“its bad to lie”), but others, not so much.  It is hard to think that “dreams never die” when laying at my feet are the shattered pieces of the marriage I thought I’d always dreamed about.

When Danny started singing the song Friday night, I honestly started to lose control of my emotions, because the lyrics of the chorus began flooding my mind. I began questioning how dumb, how childish, I was to believe those things.  I mean, they are in song titled “What Children Believe”, can you get more child-like?  That question, and a whole lot of others, filled me.

However, just as sudden as those lyrics and the questions came to me, I recalled a song the Kingsmen had sung less than an hour before, “God Knows”.

You may not have the answers to the questions in your life.  And you and I may never know all the reasons why.  You feel you’ve been forsaken, if only someone knew.  If someone only understood just what you’re going through.

God knows and God cares.  He holds the answers to all your prayers.  God knows and God cares.  He gave His only Son to die, on the cross so you and I would know that God knows.

Even with all the questions racing through my mind, I instantly felt more at peace.  God knows the answers to all those questions.  He has the answers to the questions I can’t even put into words.  I know He will reveal to me all that I need to know, however, it will be in His time.

That’s the hard part.  I want the answers – now.  I want to move on – now.  I want the pain to go away – now.  But again, all of that will be in His time.

Wow… “In His Time”.  The Booth Brothers recorded a song titled that on their This Stage of Grace CD.  I’m going to listen.  You may be reading a little about that song in a week or two.

“What Children Believe” was written James Isaac Elliott, Brent Lamb, and Jerry Salley, and appears on Gold City’s Moment Of Truth project.

“God Knows” was written by Dave Williford, and appears on the Kingsmen’s Missing People project from Crossroads Music.


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