Posted by: coomercove | April 12, 2010

Phillip Hughes Resigns from Kingsmen

This Week In Gospel Music host Mickey Bell has posted on Facebook that Kingsmen lead singer Phillip Hughes is leaving the group, but will stay until a replacement is found.

The first question that leaps to mind is whether or not the group will begin searching for a lead singer to replace Phillip or will current baritone and former lead singer Bryan Hutson assume the lead slot and the group find a new baritone singer.  Even while singing baritone, Bryan often still handled the lead on songs he was featured on during his first tenure with the group.

As for Phillip, I hope he resurfaces with another group, but I never thought he really fit the Kingsmen sound.  I love his singing, but thought he sounded out of place a lot of the time with the Kingsmen.

My prayers go out to the Kingsmen and to Phillip and his family during this time of transition.


  1. Ray Reese sent out a press release to the Singing News a few hours ago.

  2. […] to the fans as such.  Best wishes to Phillip going forward.  I’m of the same mind as Brandon, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bryan Hutson step back into the lead spot and the Kingsmen hire a […]

  3. I will be sorry to see Phillip leave, i really got to love him over the years! I do understand it is for a good reason tho, may God Bless Him!!

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