Posted by: coomercove | April 30, 2010

Concert Review – Dove Brothers QT, Bristol, TN

Yesterday about 4:30 PM, I saw that the Dove Brothers Quartet was scheduled to be at Parkway Baptist Worship Center in Bristol, TN at 7:00 PM. I quickly left work to get ready for the concert. I arrived at the church, which was at one time a furniture store, about 6:15 PM. I didn’t need to get there that early because like true Baptists, the crowd didn’t really start showing up until 6:50 PM. The sanctuary ended up being almost completely full.

The Dove Brothers started their set with five songs from their current Hold On project. The opening song, “I’m Gonna Rise, I’m Gonna Fly”, was okay, but the next four songs were great, each one featuring a different vocalist. David Hester was featured on the early 80s Gold City song, “Little David”. I loved the song when I was young, but Hester’s version is better than Gold City’s cut. “He’s Gonna Smile On Me”, one of the Oak Ridge Boy’s last gospel songs before going country, featured Eric Dove. I’ve always been a fan of Eric’s singing and really enjoyed this song. Jerry Martin then did “A Little Good News” and showed why he is one of southern gospel’s most talented tenors. “Hold On”, the group’s current single, was announced to be the #4 song in the country. It featured McCray Dove and was encored three times.

McCray then stopped to introduce the group, including the band. As for the band, I really enjoyed the added dimension it added to the concert. One of the most memorable things about the concert was watching drummer Devin Dove. As I mentioned on facebook, he was having the time of his life, singing along and making some incredible faces as he played. Frank Mills, who was filling in on bass guitar, also seemed to be getting a kick out of watching Devin. The Dove Brothers’ usual bass guitarist, Marc Peele, played piano last night because Adam Harmon was away at his brother’s wedding.

After the introductions, David stepped up to sing “One More Miracle”. Speaking of David, the group was having some trouble with their sound system last night. Through out the night, every time David would bottom out a note, the speakers would start distorting and buzzing. It was very distracting and disappointing, especially since I was looking forward to hearing David’s deep voice. McCray followed that song with “He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away”. After the song, he stepped off the platform and encored it while standing among the third row of seats.  They ended their first set with “I’ll Fly Away”, half way through the song, the group stopped singing, allowing each of the three band members to be spotlighted for a few moments.

Afterwards, the vocalists stepped off the platform while McCray talked about the band. He talked about growing up and going to concerts and how much the live bands were a part of his memories. He also mentioned that the lack of bands in southern gospel has contributed to a lack of young people being interested in the music. He said not everyone has been gifted to sing but some have the gift of playing instruments. With no bands in SGM, he asked how are those young people supposed to get involved? They don’t and go into other genres of music. He joked about people asking him how he was going to pay the band. He said that he expects God to provide for the band through God’s people who is blessed by it. He said if you don’t like the band, don’t give. He then joked that even if you don’t like the band, he had four kids, including three year old twin boys, and needed some of the crowd’s money. During the offering, the band played “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”.

A short second set featured the group’s “sugar sticks”, including “Didn’t It Rain” and “Get Away Jordan”. Both songs were subdued compared to what I’ve seen before in concert settings. McCray then called up someone he referred to as Pastor Rick (not the church’s actual pastor) to sing the first verse of “Beulah Land” with the group. The final song was one of Jerry Martin’s signature songs, “I Can Pray”. Following that, McCray led a short invitation before the pastor came up with a few short words before ending the service.

I was glad I found out about the concert in time to attend. I had a really good time and bought several CDs (their 2 latest for $30 & their concert special, 2 budget CDs and a DVD, for $20).  It was my first time seeing the Dove Brothers in a church setting and was very impressed by how McCray handled the service.

Set List:

  • I’m Gonna Rise,  I’m Gonna Fly
  • Little David
  • He’s Gonna Smile On Me
  • A Little Good News
  • Hold On (3 encores)
  • Introductions
  • One More Miracle
  • He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away (encore)
  • I’ll Fly Away
  • Break/Offering – What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  • Didn’t It Rain
  • Get Away Jordan (encore)
  • Beulah Land (feat. a local pastor, Rick)
  • I Can Pray


  1. Great review! Looking forward to seeing them in concert soon..

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