Posted by: coomercove | October 5, 2010

“Southern Gospel Personalities” Portrait Series

Russell Bennett, aka The Art Coach, is a good friend of mine and a phenomenal artist.  He has started a new portrait series of Southern Gospel Personalities.  I think some of you will appreciate Russell’s creativity and work so I want to point you to Russell’s website,, where you can view and purchase some of his work.

Below is Russell’s introduction to the series and pictures of the first two portraits (the first of which is already sold).

I have long had an interest in Southern Gospel Music and it’s personalities…both past and present. In this new series of works I will be exploring those personalities as the visual representations strike me. Sometimes the person themselves will provide the inspiration or it may develop from something I have read or a video online. More than not, these portraits will not be just straight portraits but incorporate some element of fun, thoughtfulness, or visual commentary. These portraits will be priced and available for purchase by contacting me at

In some cases a quality reproduction will also be offered for purchase.

SGP 01

Criticism and Commentary

Kingly Genius

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