Posted by: coomercove | October 7, 2010

The Old Paths (re)Release Projects with Brandon Barry

As promised last month, the Old Paths have added some new items to their online store, two of which feature returning bass vocalist Brandon Barry.

The group’s latest recording, Wonderful Life, has been re-released with Brandon’s vocal added.  The project is available for download and has a “Choose Your Price” option with a default price of $9.99.

The group has also made their Live At Pigeon Forge DVD/CD set available again.  The project was released not long before Brandon left the group and the group stopped selling it shortly after Brandon left.  The recording features songs from the Today project and some older classics.  The DVD/CD set is $25.00.

Finally, the group has made the sound tracks to the Wonderful Life project available for download.  Single tracks are $9.99 or the full project can be bought for $25.00.  (Now, how about releasing some of the tracks on the group’s Journey Down the Old Path classics series?  I’d love to get my hands on several of those tracks!)

The group has also announced a new addition to Brandon’s family.  His wife Christina gave birth to Alexis Renee Barry on Tuesday, October 5.  Congratulations to Brandon, Christina, Ashlyn (5 years old), and Peyton (19 months).


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