Posted by: coomercove | October 28, 2010

Josh Cobb no longer with Gold City

Josh Cobb has announced on facebook that he is no longer with Gold City due to “logistical” reasons.

Josh’s return to southern gospel music this year (technically, last year on New Year’s Eve) with Gold City following a ten year absence from the genre was a great story and I hate that it didn’t work out with Gold City.  Josh is an extremely talented vocalist.  His solo recording is one of the few solo projects that I really enjoy.  As talented as he is however, he seemed to be peaking on a lot of Gold City’s repertoire, turning various shades of red and purple during concerts.  I don’t say that to be mean because I like Josh a lot, but it is an honest observation by someone who has seen Gold City five or six times over the last two months.

I am expecting the new tenor to be officially announced some time today.  (UPDATE:  I heard that the press release may be delayed until tomorrow so the “debut” tonight will be a surprise.)


  1. Hmmm . . . Could Jerry Martin be the replacement?

    • Honestly, I think Jerry Martin’s range would be perfect for Gold City, but I don’t think it will be him.

    • Jerry martin Is Going To The Kingdom Heirs Quartet,cause there tenor is having vocal problems

  2. “Turning various shades of red and purple during concerts.”


    • I said I wasn’t saying that to be mean. Please don’t make me feel bad… lol. It was an honest observation that I, and several people who attended recent Gold City concerts with me, have made. Josh is an incredible singer, but I have been worried about the long term health of his voice for a couple of months.

  3. […] he is no longer singing tenor for Gold City due to “logistical” reasons.  (hat tip, Brandon)  I personally hate to see this, as I thought Josh’s return to the SG circuit with Gold City […]

  4. […] bloggers have already said: we’ll miss Josh and hope to see him back in SG soon. However, Brandon Coomer says that a replacement is to be named soon. No word yet on how the change affects the release of […]

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