Posted by: coomercove | November 17, 2010

Terry Carter Returning to the Anchormen

According to the Anchormen’s latest email newsletter (hat tip to Dinana), Terry Carter will be returning to the group as baritone in January, replacing the departing Keith Casstevens.  Until January, Terry will be filling in sporadically through November and December.  Carter was a longtime member of the group, serving as the group’s emcee the majority of the time, before leaving in the mid-90s to join (or form?) a group with a lighter travel schedule, Adoration.  (Adoration also included former Anchormen members such as tenor Brian Routh.)

During Carter’s previous time in the group, he shared the stage with another recently returned member, lead Dale Forbes.  With Carter’s return, the group is reissuing the recordings that featured Carter and Forbes as the Collectors Series.  The series will include Come To The Fountain, Adoration, and Spirit Live (available for the first time on DVD and an audio only CD).  The series will be available as a set (with a discounted price of $40 + shipping) or individually.


  1. That’s going to be a good lineup. I’ve always liked Dale and Terry’s sound together, and they both still sound good.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, David Hill also sang in Adoration.

    • I’ve never heard of Hill singing with Adoration but he was with the Singing Americans at one time.

  3. What ever happened to Brian Routh the tenor singer in the Anchormen?

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