Posted by: coomercove | December 13, 2010

Greater Vision Makes Rare Recording Available

You Can Have A Song

Greater Vision is now taking orders for the sequentially numbered limited edition re-release of their You Can Have A Song recording.  Available for the first time on CD, the project is autographed by founding members Gerald Wolfe, Chris Allman, and Mark Trammell.  The project is $20 (including shipping).

Three years ago, I reviewed the project and concluded that it was as a “very good debut, but to be honest, outside of the historical aspect of it, it isn’t worth the price you’d probably have to pay for it.”  That was when copies were extremely hard to find and sold for $100 on Ebay.  At $20, this is a must buy, especially for fans of Greater Vision.


  1. I placed an order very early this morning. I do wish I had bought it (if available) when I saw them very early on in their career. I was holding out for CD and one project (I believe In A Journey) was so new they didn’t even have their inserts yet.

    By the way, just out of curiosity, what projects do you think ARE worth the amount of money that buying the tapes on eBay at the time were. I have paid insane money for certain very desired, hard to find, projects over the years, so I am not casting stones. 😀

  2. Did you get one? Mine came in today, I am number 93.

    • My copy is #219. The one morning I didn’t check my email first thing. LOL So, they were selling a little over 50 an hour after Gerald sent out the email.

      • Yay! I win LOL

  3. Nate, I did order a copy. I ordered one by phone at about 10 AM, about four hours after Gerald sent out the email saying they were available. I haven’t received it yet, but I’ll let you know my number. I usually get things from Greater Vision the day after I order it, but with the Christmas season, a delay isn’t that surprising.

    QT-Man, great question, but hard to answer. Off the top of my head, I’d say projects like the Singing Americans “Black & White” and “Live & Alive” and Gold City’s “Pillars of Faith” would be worth a lot, but that is hard to say when you can can find them for $20 or so. I think I’ll do a blog post about this later today or tomorrow. Thanks for the idea! And I hope you will let me know what projects you think are worth “insane money”.

  4. That is funny, Brandon, I have numbers 214-218. You must have called right after me (or did the online thing). I called not too long after 10 a.m.EST. I wonder if they are sold out already. I would think they could be. I also wonder if Trammell gets some sort of cut since he signed them or if he just did it for his friends.

    Yeah, I thought that would be a good blog post. When it comes to spending insane money, I have for the Cathedral Trio’s second lp. That might be the highest I paid for an lp. I have spend decent money on others too. Basically, there are three ways to look at spending the money: Rarity, desirability, and quality.

    There is a 45 I would spend insane money on. It fits all three criteria above. It is Heaven Bound by the Oak Ridge Boys, but with Look Away Mama on the B side.
    There are a couple of rare lps I would so too: One is with the Oaks singing backup and one is a Keystone Quartet recording. I am not sure either of those fit the quality standard above (as there are others I am sure with better quality and cost less).
    I have them, but would add the Oak Ridge Boys Performance, the Oak Ridge Boys Live to the list. (those two are fairly rare too).

    Now, I have several that are worth the money quality-wise, but like you said are more readily available. However, Singing Americans Black and White, Singing Americans Live and Alive and Gold City Pillars of Faith are three (as you mentioned). There are several Cathedrals recordings that would fit, but offhand I would say High and Lifted Up and Alive Deep in the Heart of Texas. I’ve Just Started Living would probably be another. The Sound’s “The World Needs to Hear” is rare and great (it is up there with Black and White), but I haven’t seen it fetch the “insane” money yet. It is one of those ones that a few have heard or heard of, but not as well-known.
    As far as music-wise, I really like Gold City’s CD with the two live lps on it. There is some great music on there. Their Masters of Gospel compilation gathers together much of their great material from that era (in one place).
    One that I was fortunate to buy new is the Gaither Vocal Band’s One X 1. I tried for a second copy, but it was out of print right after I got mine I think. I did find a used copy on eBay later that I paid a decent amount for, but not nearly as much as I have seen them sell for. I think overall, perhaps the preceding album (New Point of View) as better (in that it had more great songs and less filler), but the good songs One X 1 does have are really good.Even though they didn’t have the budget as their latter albums, I really like a lot of the early Singing Americans albums with Funderburk on tenor and either English or Parker on lead. Those don’t go for the insane money yet though.

    When it comes to great albums, I could probably think of more, but once again, they are probably easier to find. These would include ones from the Oaks, Cathedrals, Gaither Vocal Band, Singing Americans (as mentioned), Gold City, Stamps (their HeartWarming lps),

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