Posted by: coomercove | December 18, 2010

Bruce Taliaferro Leaves Gold City

According to Daniel Mount, the long rumored departure of Bruce Taliaferro from Gold City is now official.  I’d heard sporadic rumblings about Bruce leaving Gold City for the majority of time he has been with the group, but I heard about two weeks ago that this time, it was really happening.  Like Diana, I think Bruce has wanted to get off the road for a while, but stayed to help Danny Riley.

Although Bruce’s voice may have leaned slightly more to the CCM side than some people liked, there is no doubt that he is a great vocalist.  His voice added an edge to Gold City that I don’t think the group had with any of their previous lead singers.  That edge  fit well with the direction Danny Riley (along with producer Michael English) seemed to be taking the group.  It will be interesting to see if Danny continues that direction with the new lead singer and new tenor Brent Mitchell, as Mitchell is more of a traditional southern gospel tenor and the new lead singer does not have as much of that edge or soul in his voice as Bruce.  (And yes, that does mean I know who the new lead will be.  And no, I will not be saying who it is until they make it official.)

Not only will I miss Bruce’s voice with the group, I’ll miss him personally.  He was one of the friendliest members of Gold City I’ve ever encountered.  Earlier this year at a concert, he greeted me at the product table by name and with a bear hug, along with some words of encouragement.  No big deal, except I did not know he knew my name or the struggles I was going through at the time.  On the flip side, he has announced to a crowd at a product table that he would be glad to help someone, except me, because I just couldn’t be helped.  I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

As for the future of Gold City, I realize that they have had a rough time with member turnover over the last couple of years.  They have took a lot of shots over this, some deserved, some not deserved.  This same time last year, they were getting ready to debut the new lineup with a new tenor, a new piano player, and the “official” return of Tim Riley.  That new lineup garnered a lot of praise over a short amount of time and the departure of those new members disappointed a lot of people.  And while some people still aren’t over that disappointment, I have to say I am more excited about next year for Gold City than I was this year.  In fact, I’ll go ahead and say that the group Danny has assembled would be hailed as a great up and coming group if they weren’t under the Gold City banner.  I hope and pray people will give the new group a chance instead of just writing them off.

Please pray for Gold City and Bruce and his family during this time of change.


  1. That last paragraph is absolutely spot on. The only thing constant in SG is, unfortunately, change. It is how you adapt to it and use it for good.

    I would love to see Gold City back up at the top once again, with the new line-up….anything is possible!

  2. I tried to access the Gold City Tribute site today (1-4-11) but the page wouldn’t load. Is it down for good? I really liked the page.

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