Posted by: coomercove | January 28, 2011

Concert Review: Kingdom Heirs with Jerry Martin

I saw the Kingdom Heirs at Boones Creek Christian Chuch in Gray, TN last night. I was excited to see them so early in Jerry Martin’s tenure (his fourth concert). Steve French mentioned that he gave Jerry a list of 25-30 songs to learn and that Jerry came prepared to sing all of them, although with a warning that he may miss a word or two. Even with material that Jerry wasn’t completely familiar with, he seemed relaxed and happy. To me, he appeared more relaxed on stage last night than the last several times I had seen him with the Dove Brothers.

The biggest highlight of the concert for me was hearing Arthur Rice sing the “Jim Hamill” part on a song Jerry has been singing for years, “Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet”. I was looking forward to hearing Jerry, but Arthur just blew me away. His vocals on songs like “Forever Changed” and “Beyond The Gates” are always incredible.

Another thing worth mentioning is the final song of the night, “That Little Baby”. I have always thought the song was a better “live” song than a studio cut. I felt that way when Gold City staged the song and it seems like the Kingdom Heirs’ version is the same way. I wasn’t wowed by the studio cut, but their performance last night was great.

I enjoyed the concert tremendously, but I do have one complaint that may just be a matter of personal taste. I would have liked for Jerry and Jeff Chapman to be louder in the mix. You could hear them, but just barely in places. I thought Arthur and Steve’s voices drowned them out at times. I understand that may have been a decision to “hide” Jerry just in case he missed something, but I would have liked him to have been a little louder.

Even with that one complaint, I think the Kingdom Heirs now have an “all star” lineup to rival the Gaither Vocal Band. I am already looking forward to their new project to be released in April.

First Set:
The Gloryland Way
I Go To The Rock
I Want You To Know
The Empty Tomb Says It All
Jesus Made A Believer Out Of Me
Fire Away
Who Do You Think?
Forever Changed
Look For Me At Jesus Feet
He Locked The Gates

Second Set:
He Lifted Me
Jesus Showed Up
I’m Winging My Way Back Home
Help Me Lord
Beyond The Gates
That Little Baby


  1. I am glad to see they finally dropped the “I’ll meet you by the river” bit. It was good the first ten times I saw it, but they have stronger material. If they want Andy to sing, just give him a mic and let Steve rest.

    • They did a comedy bit (or two) with Andy during his introduction. He did the baritone on “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” and “I’m Winging My Way Back Home”.

      Steve stood on stage and acted as cheer leader during both songs. Is he setting himself up for a Jim Hamill type role on stage?

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