Posted by: coomercove | January 31, 2011

Concert Review: Gold City

I got up early Sunday morning and made the three hour trip to Cleveland, TN to see Gold City at South Cleveland Church Of God. Let me say that I love Steve Ladd and Bruce Taliaferro and I enjoyed the new musical direction that Gold City took while they were part of the group. With that said, I was blown away by what I heard yesterday. Gold City has not sounded this good since Jay Parrack was in the group. Even with the guys being worn out by a late concert Saturday night and two early services Sunday morning, they were outstanding.

I remember hearing George Younce on a video describe Danny Funderburk as a good horse and asking what do you do with a good horse. He answered his own question by saying, “You get on it and ride!” and calling for another song that showcased Danny. New lead singer Craig West is Gold City’s new horse and he was phenomenal Sunday morning. I love that they have brought back some older songs to feature him. It was great to hear “Shoutin’ Ground” and “Get Up, Get Ready” again. Craig put in a high note towards the end of the second verse of “Midnight Cry” that was incredible.

Tim Riley was still home recovering from illness this weekend so Chris West was filling in on the bass part. I loved Chris with Mercy’s Mark and he is even better now. As has been mentioned before, Tim is grooming Chris as his EVENTUAL replacement and it shows. Chris even threw in some Tim Riley-like eye movements on his low notes. The crowd was really impressed by Chris’ voice. I could see lots of people around the church looking at each other in amazement when he would bottom out a note. I know Tim Riley is a legend, but Gold City will be in excellent shape with Chris in the bass spot.

Just as I said about Chris, I loved Brent Mitchell with Mercy’s Mark and he too is better than ever. He really wasn’t featured on a song (having a dad who sings tenor, I know early mornings are rough on tenors), but he sounded excellent in the mix with the other guys. Brent did take the lead on the final two chorus of “Get Up, Get Ready” and nailed it. Still, I would have loved to have heard Brent featured on one of the songs he performed Saturday night, “There Is A River” or “Are You Ready?”.

Bryan Elliot played a piano solo of “Keep On The Firing Line”. I think he even threw in a little bit of “Yankie Doodle Dandy” but I’m not positive. I told Bryan after the service that what I most appreciate about his solos is that it is just him. He doesn’t use an orchestration track that hides most of his playing. I just don’t see the point in an instrumental that is mostly coming from a track machine.

I know I didn’t mention Danny Riley (he was great, of course), but I’d heard Danny before. I went to the service wanting to hear Brent, Craig, and Chris. I was not disappointed at all by what I heard. As I said earlier, Gold City has not sounded this good since Jay Parrack and Jonathan Wilburn were manning the tenor/lead positions. I knew all the guys were gifted vocalists, but I wasn’t expecting them to sound this good together so quickly, even knowing that Brent, Craig, and Chris had sung together previously. I am more excited for the future of Gold City right now than I have been in years.

Set List:

Somebody Sing Me A Gospel Song
By Your Grace, For Your Glory
I Cast My Bread
Keep On The Firing Line (Bryan Elliot piano solo)
We’ll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials
It Won’t Be Long
Get Up, Get Ready
Midnight Cry
I’m Rich
Truth Is Marching On

End of Service: Shoutin’ Ground


  1. Would love it if someone would post video of Brent singing “Are You Ready” and “There Is A River” from Saturday… So far there are no youtube videos of him singing any solos with GC…

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