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CD Review: The Perrys – Blue Skies

The Perrys – Blue Skies

Blue Skies

The Perrys’ new recording, Blue Skies, starts with the high energy title song, “Blue Skies Coming”. This is a fun song that should be as big a concert hit as “I Know It Was the Blood” from a few years ago. The music track for this song, as well as “Every Time I Need Him”, heavily features a banjo.

Lead Joseph Habedank is featured on “Grace Doesn’t Remember”, an orchestrated ballad. With each new release by the Perrys, I’m amazed at how much Joseph continues to develop as a lead singer. When Joseph assumed the lead vocalist position for the group, I thought he was best suited for faster tempo songs. His vocal on this ballad demonstrates his growth into one of southern gospel’s best young lead singers. If I had to pick a favorite song on the CD, this would be it.

As always, the Perrys include a convention song, “His Love Lights The Way”. I have always enjoyed this rarely recorded song and the group does a great job on it. The only issue I have is that the song seems to be building to a high energy final chorus or tag, but we don’t get it.

Libbi Stuffle is featured on three ballads on the project, “Celebrate Me Home”, “Rejoice, Children, Rejoice”, and “I Know What I’m Singing About”. “Celebrate Me Home” is already being talked about as a “career song” for the group. I didn’t initially hold that opinion, but the more I listen, the more I come around to that thinking. “Rejoice, Children, Rejoice” is a really good song that I’m afraid may be buried under other songs on the recording (like “Walk Away Free” on Come Thirsty).

New baritone singer Bryan Walker is featured on two country flavored songs, “He Loves To Save” and “The End Of The Aisle”. Both of these songs were originally selected with Troy Peach in mind, and unfortunately, it shows. I remember the first time I ever heard Bryan sing (at Dollywood while he was with the Dixie Melody Boys). I instantly fell in love with his singing. To be honest, these two songs don’t show off the voice I fell in love with. While talking with Wes Burke (and in his own review), he described Bryan’s vocal on these songs as being effortless. I agreed and went on to say that they almost seem “too easy” for Bryan. I am already anticipating the group’s next recording so a larger audience can really hear what Bryan is capable of.

Two songs I have yet to mention are “Nothing Was Burned” and “Sounds Good To Me”. The former features bass Tracy Stuffle leading a male trio with Joseph and Bryan. While it is a faster song, it reminds me of the use of a male trio on “I Rest My Case At The Cross”. The former is a modern sounding song that would have fit in perfectly on the Almost Morning CD.

On one hand, Blue Skies, is a very good project, maybe even a great one. On the other hand, I can’t say that I love this CD. Following their Almost Morning recording, this project is in some ways a step back for the group, although not in quality by any means. While Almost Morning pushed the Perrys in new musical directions, Blue Skies is a return to a sound that reminds me of previous recordings such as This Is The Day and Come Thirsty. Even though my personal taste would have liked to have seen this recording continue the progressive trend rather than going back to a country sound, this will be a very successful project for the group and all fans of the Perrys should get this project upon its release tomorrow (February, 22, 2011).

CD Rating:  4.5 stars


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