Posted by: coomercove | April 8, 2011

Unreleased Gold City Songs

You Tube user sogoguy99 uploaded two songs from Gold City’s yet unfinished Somebody’s Coming recording.  These cuts are unfinished and feature the Bruce Taliaferro and Josh Cobb lineup.

I Stand Redeemed

Lord Of Life

Gold City staged “I Stand Redeemed” at last year’s NQC, but something was off (Josh’s voice and/or timing) with the performance.  This is a much better indication of what the finished song would have sounded like.

“Lord Of Life” features Bruce and is an absolute monster song.  I love it.  I can’t wait to hear current Gold City lead singer Craig West give his take on it.


  1. At NQC, I think Josh mis-guessed how far the song would go up. Either they hadn’t rehearsed the song at all, or they’d only rehearsed briefly that afternoon.

  2. I saw it live as well, and I agree with Daniel. I don’t think Josh anticipated the range. And “Lord Of Life” (which was written by Jim Brady by the way), is one INCREDIBLE song! Craig should nail that one…

  3. […] Coming which saw two of the tracks recorded by the Josh Cobb/Bruce Taliaferro lineup leaked via YouTube last week.  The two songs are “I Stand Redeemed”, featuring Cobb, and a […]

  4. I just watched that performance again recently. It’s not quite as bad as I remembered, but Josh was obviously having a rough time. I applaud him for pulling through it as best he could, but I feel bad for him too.

  5. I’ve been offline for a few days, and now the youtube links are dead. Bummer! I really want to hear those tracks. Are they anywhere else, did anybody grab them?

  6. I was glad that the version of “I Stand Redeemed” was out there because the NQC one was very lacking. It was cool to hear the other song as well. Too bad they were removed. I could better understand if they were still going to release the album with both songs, but I don’t think “I Stand Redeemed” was part of that unless they decided to give Dan a shot at it. Even with that, it would be cool if eventually a year or more down the line after the release that the two could put up as alternate takes / historical. But, I also understand they aren’t my property to decide. 🙂

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