Posted by: coomercove | April 16, 2011

Ball Brothers Recharged Promotion/Preorder

The Ball Brothers have announced a great pre-order promotion for their upcoming project, Recharged.  You can pre-order the project at one of three price points.  Each option includes a number of autographed CDs and project downloads, plus downloads of the rough mixes as the group works on the recording.  This will be a good way to see “behind the curtain” and hear a part of the recording process we usually don’t.

The cheapest option ($25, called “Recharged”) includes the rough mix downloads, two CDs, and two downloads of the project.

The next option ($50, “VIP”) includes the rough mixes, five CDs, five downloads, and a phone call or SKYPE session with the group where they will sing you one song from the project before they perform it in concert.

The final option ($250, “Platinum”) includes all of the above (CDs and downloads are increased to 20 of each), but two really special bonuses.  The first bonus is that your name or an “In Memory of” dedication will be included on the inside of the CD cover.  The second bonus is that the group will record an acappella version of a hymn of your choice that will only be included on your 20 CDs.  So, if you’ve ever wanted to have a group record a song just for you, here’s your chance.

With the Platinum pre-order, you get enough CDs that you could give some of them away to expose more people to southern gospel music.  Keep in mind that the Ball Brothers have a sound and look that I think appeals to a younger audience than typical southern gospel music.  I’m thinking a youth pastor could do this, include the youth group’s name on the CD, and give out the CD to each kid.  I figure if you put the name of the group a kid is involved in on the CD and tell them them that there is song included just for them, they’ll at least give it one listen.

I enjoy the Ball Brothers music, and although I wouldn’t say they are one of my favorite groups, I’m honestly tempted by the Platinum offer.  You could have yourself a good CD, a really cool collectable, help spread SGM, and help the Ball Brothers ministry, all for $250. It isn’t cheap, but you do get a lot for the money.  If all you were getting were the 20 CDs, that would average out to $12.50, a savings over the normal $15 or $20 price of CDs.

If nothing else, I commend the Ball Brothers for an outside the box way of promoting their new recording.  You can view all the details of the pre-orders here.



  1. I saw this at Musicscribe first and commented there. I won’t repeat myself here, but will say something I just thought of. I wonder what would happen if more than one person requests the same hymn. If they use the same cut, it will no longer be unique to that person’s CD. I wonder if they would change the arrangement, give someone else a lead, do a different cut of the same arrangement or what.

  2. Thanks for sharing. @quartet-man: Great question . . . I think if two people request the same song we would record different versions to make each unique. i.e. Different verses or something.

  3. Thanks, Daniel. I am going to have to listen to you guys. It is a great idea and I hope it does well for you.

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