Posted by: coomercove | April 27, 2011

Concert Review: Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood

I caught one set by the Kingdom Heirs this past Saturday at Dollywood.  I was hoping they’d be staging a song or two from their new CD (to be released in May), but they must be waiting until they have the CD available on their table.  They did fantastic on the songs they did perform (set list at end).

Jerry Martin sounded a lot better with the group this time compared to the concert I attended a couple of months ago.  The crowd loved his “little boy” voice comedic moments, which were made even funnier since Jerry really does look like a little boy when he stands between Arthur and Steve.

The biggest thing I took from the concert is that Jeff Chapman is better than ever.  I’ve always thought he was an awesome bass, but honestly, over the last year or so, I didn’t think his voice was as clear as it had been in the past.  After this concert and hearing the upcoming CD, Jeff is singing better than he ever has.

The group closed their set with Arthur singing “He Had To Rise”, fitting with it being the day before Easter.  It received a standing ovation and the crowd wanted an encore or another song, but the group quickly walked off stage while Steve did the “closing announcements”.  They used up their entire 45 minute window, but I think the place would have came unglued if they had followed “He Had to Rise” with “What We Needed”.

Set List:

  • The Gloryland Way
  • He Lifted Me
  • Biblically Correct
  • Fire Away
  • Help Me Lord
  • Introductions
  • Jesus Showed Up
  • I’m Winging My Way Back Home
  • Instrumental
  • He Had To Rise

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