Posted by: coomercove | July 9, 2011

CD Review: Jessica King – Work of Heart

Jessica King – Work Of Heart

This recording is my first exposure to Jessica King.  I noticed her name on the Singing News’ Top 80 Chart several years ago with her hits “Come Spring” and “Keep Me In Your Will” but never heard the songs.  After listening to this CD, my bias against soloists kept me from enjoying a very talented singer.

My two favorite songs on the project happen to be the first two tracks.  “I Can’t Dream Big Enough” is a fun and catchy song that immediately caught my attention.  The vocal on this song isn’t as country sounding as that found on some of the other songs, which also helped pull me into the CD.  I don’t think I would have been as open to the rest of the songs if it had started with a hard country sound.

The second song is the title track, “Work Of Heart.”  This slower, acoustic driven track starts to show just a little more of the country side of Jessica’s voice, although not as much as several tracks immediately following this one.  The song plays on the common song idea of Christians being a painting with Christ as the artist.  However, instead being a “work of art,” we are a “work of heart” painted with Christ’s own blood.

Honestly, if I had not received a review copy of this project, I never would have listened to it.  Solo artists are not where my taste runs in music.  However, I’m glad I got to hear this CD.  While I enjoyed the CD as a whole, I liked the songs that featured a less country sounding vocal than those that played more to that aspect of Jessica’s voice (tracks #3-#7 seem to be the more country section of the project).

The best endorsement of the project I can give is to say that I will purchase Jessica’s future projects.  Before hearing this recording, I would not have done that.

Average song rating:  4.1
Project rating:  4.5 stars

  1. I Can’t Dream Big Enough
  2. Work Of Heart
  3. I’m Coming Home
  4. Gift Of Grace
  5. When He Reigns
  6. Come Spring
  7. Keep Me In Your Will
  8. Kiss Of God
  9. You Don’t Have To Bear Your Burden Alone (with Jason Crabb)
  10. No Matter How Long
  11. I Can Mend Your Fences
  12. Sometimes It Takes A Storm

Review copy provided
Project available from Daywind Records

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