Posted by: coomercove | August 17, 2011

Joel Wood To Leave Mark Trammell Quartet

My best wishes to Joel Wood, who will be leaving his position as tenor for the Mark Trammell Quartet.  In the joint press release, Mark Trammell applauds Joel’s decision to strive to be a better father rather than a gospel singer.  Joel mentions his four sons being involved in more activities as they get older as a reason for this decision.

While Joel is not a high tenor, I enjoyed his blend with the group.  With the addition of bass Pat Barker last year, the group experienced a jump in popularity.  Hopefully, this change will not hurt the group’s momentum going forward.  Joel will be staying with the group until a suitable replacement is found.

Speaking of replacements, I think the first name to pop in fans’ minds will be former member Eric Phillips, who left to continue his career in law enforcement.  However, there is no indication that Eric’s return in upcoming.  The group is asking for interested singers to submit a brief resume and a CD demo.  Tryouts will begin in the “next few days.”

I think this goes without saying, but continue to pray for Joel and his family and all the members of the Mark Trammell Quartet during this transition.


  1. If Eric returned, that would be incredible. But I’m sure they’ll find somebody good regardless. I trust Mark’s judgment. Looking forward to who they pick—I’m always interested in new tenors.

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