Posted by: coomercove | August 26, 2011

CD (mini) Review: Booth Brothers – Let It Be Known

The Booth Brothers’ new project, Let It Be Known, was released this week.  Over the last month, much better writers than I have shared their thoughts on the project.  So, I’m just going to give a three word review that I lifted from ebay…

“Buy It Now”.

Okay, I’ll give a little more.  As a whole recording, this new project is more enjoyable than their previous one, Declaration.  The one weak point that Declaration had was a lack of uptempo songs.  That is corrected on Let It Be Known, but the quality of the fast songs does not match that of the slower songs (with “See, What A Morning” being the exception).    If the Booth Brothers could find uptempo material that met their standards for lyrics and matched the quality of their other songs, they (along with Lari Goss) would be producing some of the best southern gospel projects that I have ever heard.

Let It Be Known is available from Daywind Records and the Booth Brothers.
Review copy provided


  1. “But it now….”


    :-p I know what you meant. Thanks for the pingback.

    • ROTFLOL Thanks!!!!

  2. LOL! I thought myself kinda useless, and I was about fifth in line to review it.

  3. By the way, I think you accidentally put in Nate’s review twice. I believe one of those times you may have wanted to cite Daniel’s review here:

    • See, this is why I don’t blog that much anymore. I don’t have the time (or ability for that matter, but that ain’t stopping me) to actually write a post, read over it, then post it. These “typos” and mistakes in copying and pasting are what happen when I try to post in a five minute window of down time at work. LOL Thanks again!

      • No problem. 🙂 I do enjoy reading when you find time to post, so don’t retire just yet!

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